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[Openvas] Fixed The request contained an unknown or invalid Host header

12 May
May 12, 2020

Sometimes when install or update Openvas. There is an error message on web browser indicate that “The request contained an unknown or invalid Host header”

The request contained an unknown or invalid Host header. If you are trying to access GSA via its hostname or a proxy, make sure GSA is set up to allow it.

Here is how to solve this problem.

1. Edit /etc/default/openvas-gsa in the ALLOW_HEADER_HOST

root@host# vim /etc/default/openvas-gsa

2. Uncomment the section and add your host.

# To allow <host> as hostname/address part of a Host header:

3. restarting gsad service with /etc/init.d/openvas-gsa restart

root@host# /etc/init.d/openvas-gsa restart

4. Done. Verify the result in web browser.

[Fixed] Windows can’t access linux samba share.

08 Nov
November 8, 2019

Had to comment away the following in the config file:

user@ubuntu:~$ sudo vim /etc/samba/smb.conf

Comment out “map to guest = bad user” line.

# This option controls how unsuccessful authentication attempts are mapped
# to anonymous connections
#   map to guest = bad user

Restart samba service

user@ubuntu:~$ sudo /etc/init.d/smbd restart


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